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Individual tax season starts this Friday 1 July in South Africa for filing with the South African Revenue Services.  The individual tax year is from 1 March 2021 up to 28 February 2022.


SARS has been on a drive to make filing season easier and easier for taxpayers each year.  There are two ways to submit returns:

  • Manually by going to the branch – by appointment only,
  • Electronically via e-Filing.

Setting up your e-Filing is very simple and you need to have the following on hand to set up a profile:

  • Your ID number,
  • Your tax number,
  • Your personal details such as bank account details and address.

Unfortunately for some taxpayers, SARS may require that you present yourself to them in order for the e-Filing profile to be activated.

The following taxpayers are exempted from filing their returns if ALL the criteria below apply:

  • You only received one salary from one employer for the full year of assessment,
  • Your employment income/salary is less than R 500 001 before tax,
  • You have no travel allowance, company car, car allowance, or any other income,
  • You are not claiming any tax related deductions/rebates such as medical expenses or retirement annuity contributions other than contributions made by your employer.

Documents to keep available for filing your return online:

  • IRP5 from your employer,
  • Medical aid certificate,
  • Investment certificates from your bank for cash deposits or other investments such as shares,
  • Retirement annuity contribution certificate,
  • Logbook if you have a travel allowance,
  • Home office expense details,
  • Details on your other income such as rental income or royalties,
  • Any other expenses incurred in the production of income.

To register on e-Filing, please go to

Tax season is open until 24 October 2022 for non-provisional taxpayers, and until 23 January 2023 for provisional taxpayers.

For any assistance with filing your return, please contact us via our website on

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